The HIGH-O2 is an excellent choice of a safety mask with 5 layers of protection. The multiple layers provide a calculated shield of 99.9% against germs when packed. Sandwiched fabrics have an outer layered UV coated, anti-dust, anti-pollution fabric and the inner layer is a 100% breathable cotton fabric offering utmost comfort enabling it to be used for long hours at a stretch.

Overcoming the nuances of ‘one size fits all’ the mask is designed to suit individual requirements with features such as an adjustable nose clip and an adjustable elastic band adding ease to the user’s experience. Quick drying with low humidity the soft stretch fabric gives a comfortable fit for the mouth and the nose. The well-fitted Unisex mask can be reused upto 30 washes.

The masks can be customised with individual logos in any colour with full print coverage of the desired design. Mask trimmings can be tailor-made as per requirement.

While adapting to this new normal, make a clear choice with High-O2 masks that are cautiously curated, comfortable and cost-effective… because when you gamble with safety, you bet your life!!

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